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Veckans Branding: Cully Jazz Festival

Veckans artist är schweiziska designern David Massara. Han är 21 år och nyexaminerad student i Visuell Kommunikation. Som examensarbete gjorde han en konceptuell grafisk profil åt festivalen Cully Jazz Festival. Hans grafiska profil har idag blivit en raketsuccé på designcommunityt Behance.
David Massara
David Massara

Vi intervjuade honom om hur han tänkte kring sitt lyckade projekt.

Hello David. Who are you and what are you working with (design-wise) today?

– I’m a minimal artist, inspired by the Scandinavian and Japanese visions of design — which focuses on to minimize the number of elements, exclude the unnecessary and to concentrate on the essentials. That’s what I love to do.

How did you work for Cully Jazz Festivals come to be? 

– It was my final work for my degree in graphic design. I had the possibility to choose between six festivals, and I chose this one because it corresponds with me the most.

What were your thoughts behind the re-branding?

– I’m a big fan of jazz so it was a huge opportunity for me to work on this project. I’ve seen too many music festivals where the graphic identity didn’t correspond at all to the values of the music they offer. Since this festival is totally focused on jazz, it allowed me to work from the values of this single music genre.

Jazz is distinguished by its great virtuosity but also by its connotations linked to festivity, sexuality, vitality and movement. The colors of the festival are very symbolic for this and they end up on most albums of the 50s. In term, my goal was to keep the jazz symbolism while bringing a modern vision of it.

What was your greatest challenge when creating it?

– To keep all the values in jazz. Like I said, jazz has its codes and it was a challenge for me to keep them while creating a modern version of it in my proper style.

Which graphic design resources (books, blogs etc.) have been most important to your development as graphic designer?

– It was important to know who was before me, so I studied books of graphic designers like Brockmann, Tschichold or the Bauhaus years. It was great for acquiring a good knowledge base. But the most important thing for me was to live in the present and to know what big agencies are creating these days. With the internet and blogs I have the opportunity to know the agencies and to understand what their design style is at the moment. Behance gives me the possibility to present my work, style and vision, and that’s the reason I think the internet is great. It gives you the chance to show who you are.

If you could give one advice to aspiring designers, what would it be?

– Everything has a reason to be in a project, nothing is left to chance.

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